I’ve recently developed my own app (Rockhopper), so I’m hoping my experience will help and encourage you to do the same.

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This is the first question you should ask yourself: “Why?” As the old saying goes:

“Find the why and the how will follow.”

  • Improve your own skills?
  • Try out some new technology?
  • Write an app that you want to use?
  • Make some extra pocket money?

For me, it was all of those things (making money was never the most important thing for me, more of an afterthought). I do think having more than one motivation always helps to keep…

If, like me, you hadn’t really heard about Netlify then let me share my experience with you. It is a serverless platform where you can build and deploy. When put like that it sounds pretty basic, doesn’t it? But it offers a lot more.

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Why I tried to avoid using any kind of server at first

I like writing code — no I love writing code. This does not mean I like having to deal with servers and config and annoying stuff like that. I understand it; I just don’t like it. I have used AWS, I even have an AWS certification! Still don’t like having to deal with it though.


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I often compare my job in software to my hobby in poker; there are so many similarities. Strangely enough, being female in both spaces is not something I’ve ever considered as having any similarities, before.


A Tweet Made Me Think

There was a recent tweet from a well respected professional poker player, Kristen Bicknell. Somehow this tweet didn’t sit well with me. I felt she was putting the focus on women changing and not men, it felt like it was getting close to victim-blaming. This was until I found myself comparing it with my role as a professional software engineer.

You can replace…

Humaaans by Pablo Stanley.

You can’t go very far at the moment without someone mentioning tailwind. That’s for a very good reason, it has changed the landscape of CSS and made it easier than ever to style your app. One thing you may need to do is theme your app, so let’s go through this step by step using React context as an example.

I’m not going to pretend this is the only tailwind theming walkthrough there is, there are some good tutorials out there, and where I got some of my information from in the first place. …

There’s a time and place for WebAssembly (WASM), but even when you do find that exact right moment that you need to use it, it can be difficult to extract the information on how to use it from all the noise that surrounds it.

We’re going to be looking at taking some Open Source C++ and calling it from our React app in a custom hook.

What is WebAssembly?

The best explanation I have seen is from https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/WebAssembly:

“WebAssembly is a new type of code that can be run in modern web browsers — it is a low-level assembly-like language with a compact…

A poker equity calculator is a simple tool to help you understand when a move in poker is profitable. It’s not the bee all and end all, as you probably already know this is always the case with poker, as there are often other factors that come into play, but… it’s certainly wise to have a good baseline for your decisions. You will often hear pros talking about running hands through a poker equity tool, like equilab or flopzilla for certain spots.

Running hands and ranges is a really good exercise to do away from the table, and can give…

Katy Garner

Senior Software Engineer by day, Poker Player by night

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